As a councillor with the City and County of Swansea (CCS) I am one of the 75 people elected onto the Council to make decisions, agree policies and prioritise the funds we have available for the 237,800 people who live in the city and county area. Swansea is divided into 32 geographical 'electoral divisions' or 'wards' and councillors are elected to represent one of these areas. I represent the area where I was born, Cockett Ward, along with fellow Welsh Labour councillors Oliver James, and Elliott King. 45 of Swansea's councillors are members of the Labour Party.  Wales has a system of local government which designs and delivers services for 3.1m people, with 22 Councils and 1254 councillors.

Local government elections are held every 5 years with the next one due in 2027. Councillors have a basic allowance of £16,800 with enhanced payments for those who have additional responsibilities as the Leader, Deputy Leaders, Cabinet Members,  and Committee Chairpersons who focus on the future direction of the Council.

Swansea Council employs around 11,000 people or officers to ensure that hundreds of services are designed and delivered effectively in schools, social services, planning, environmental health, highways, refuse collection and so many other areas. Officers have applied for and secured a job with the Council on either a permanent or fixed term basis. Councillors have been successful in election for the fixed 5-year period.